Summer 2017 Show Schedule
DateRep GroupTrade ShowBooth #Location
June 21-27 Patrick and Co. Dallas Home and Gift Market Showroom 2927 Dallas, TX
July 11-18 Southeast Marketing Atlanta International Gift and Home   Showroom 1305 Atlanta, GA
July 20-24 Flemming Chalef LA Gift Mart Suite 846 Los Angeles, CA
July 23-26 Philip David and Company Philadelphia Gift Show Booth 913 Philadelphia, PA
July 30 - Aug. 3 Ivystone Group Las Vegas Market Showroom 696 Las Vegas, NV
July 20-25 DNA Sales Midwest Market Exchange Bldg. 2400, Suite 184 Des Plaines, IL
July 20-25 AND! Sales Midwest Market Exchange Bldg. 2400, Suite 104 Des Plaines, IL
Aug. 4-8 Markwest Inc. Minneapolis Gift Mart Showroom 317 Minnetonka, MN
Aug. 13-16 David Youngson Toronto Gift Show Hall 2, Booth 2116 Toronto, ON - Canada
Aug. 18-22 Stirgwolt & Associates The Columbus MarketPlace Suite 213 Columbus, OH