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About Us

Over 30 years ago, Deborah and Bruce Michel launched Michel Design Works, featuring beautiful paper gifts, such as books, journals, and stationery. From the beginning, we believed that our packaging was just as important as the gift itself. Deborah developed our own unique style, inspired by her lifelong love of French and English art from the 18th and 19th centuries. Her layering of multiple antique designs and her vivid color transformations lead to us establishing a stunning, often whimsical look that is always recognizable.

Michel Design Works began the transformation into the world of personal care products and fragrances when blogs and online photo albums threatened to make two of our best-selling products – elaborate keepsake journals and photo albums – obsolete. As Deborah explored her passion for fragrances, soaps, and lotions, we maintained our beautiful packaging and prominent status as a trendsetter in the gift-giving industry.

Preserving our brand’s reputation for affordable luxury, we sought out the top soap makers and fragrance houses in the world to provide our customers with triple-milled soaps that smelled as amazing as they felt. Next came lotions and then bubble baths. As we grew, we experienced a kind of customer excitement that we never witnessed with our paper products. They loved our luxurious, yet reasonably-priced items. So we continued to develop new products and lines while our brand and reputation continued to grow. Eventually, we began to receive requests from boutiques around the world, and, of course, we happily obliged. While we’ve stayed true to our roots and are still headquartered in the charming town of Katonah, NY, Michel Design Works is now a global brand.

Today, we’ve expanded our product lines into the home décor category, offering our distinct designs on everything from pillows and rugs to serving trays and paper napkins. The response from our customers has been overwhelming. They still come to us for that perfect gift, and they repeatedly return for more. With the launch of our consumer website in the fall of 2019, we celebrate our long history, but more importantly, we celebrate our loyal customers who’ve brought our products into their homes for several decades.

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Our Products

At Michel Design Works, our goal is to offer consistently high quality products and to create distinctive, signature designs that our customers love. We want to make giving gifts as enjoyable and fulfilling as receiving them. We hope you experience that magical Ah-hah! moment when you spot one of our products or designs and realize it’s exactly right for a friend or family member, an office mate or new neighbor. And we want the recipients to feel the love and care that went into selecting those gifts—and then find the perfect place for them in their homes.

We offer something at Michel Design Works for every room in the house. Our stunning patterns, vibrant colors, luxurious textures and delicious scents will dramatically enhance the mood and ambience in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bath and bedroom. Turn any bathroom into a spa with our rich, lusciously scented sops and lotions or dress up the kitchen (and the chef!) with our bold patterns from aprons to potholders. Bring comfort and serenity into the bedroom or living room with our charming pillows and beautiful decoupage trays and delicately scented candles. Best of all, bring indoor or outdoor entertaining to life with our easy to care for melamine serveware.

Our hope is that what you see on this site will be like a garden full of beautiful flowers: each item lovely in its own right but also perfect for mixing and matching with the others, so you can assemble your own bouquets.

Our Logo

Our elephant logo perfectly encompasses the story of Michel Design Works. While elephants are known for their legendary memories, which tied in perfectly with our keepsake books, they also symbolize stability and wisdom, which has helped us build a successful business. We purposely created an elephant with an upturned trunk as it signifies good luck, something everyone would like to bring into their home.