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The Art of Gift Giving

by Deborah Michel December 03, 2019

The Art of Gift Giving
Our family loves the celebratory and gift-giving nature of Christmas. We go all out on Christmas morning and stay in our pajamas all day. And, we take extra care with what we purchase as stocking stuffers. It can't be just anything – it has to be very personal. In fact, personalized gifts are key in our family. There’s an unspoken rule that what you buy for each other doesn’t have to be expensive, but it must be thoughtful. In fact, we cheer when somebody gets exactly the right thing.

Last year, my son gave me the most perfect gift. It was a beautiful leather case shaped like a book and inside were 20 different pens and pencils that he had hand-picked. Every single one was different. I'm so picky when it comes to pens. When I’m drawing, I’ll think to myself, “I hate this pen,” and search for one I like, so this gift was great. Some of the pens were fun or funny, and some were regular pens or pencils, but they were all ones that he thought were the best. That was a fantastic present.

The psychology of gift giving

There’s a psychology behind gift giving. It’s a very personal act. When you give a gift, you are telling the recipient that you love them. When you give people beautiful things, like jewelry, you are telling them that you believe they are beautiful. When you give people clothing that matches their style or select a fragrance you know they’ll like, you let them know you’re genuinely thinking about who they are.

When you give someone beautiful bath products, you’re saying you want them to pamper themselves. Our luxurious soaps, bath bombs, and bubble bath do exactly that. When you gift someone elegant items for their home, you’re recognizing that they like to surround themselves with stylish things. Sometimes, I enjoy gifting people a set of four gorgeous accent plates because I want to inspire their creativity. Maybe the recipient will choose to make an exquisite salad or hang them on the wall. It’s a gift that creates a response.

How to select the perfect gift

I’m really particular about gift giving, and I try very hard to not miss. I hate the idea of giving a gift that someone wouldn’t want. Even when I know someone well, I still go on a hunt for that perfect gift. If someone really likes pigs, I don’t simply get them anything with a pig. I really enjoy matching the gift to the person. The hardest people to select gifts for are those that I don’t know. Typically, I’ll ask them if they are a floral person or a fruit person, or if they prefer very little fragrance or none of the above. Then I select a gift that matches their preferences. For those who prefer very little fragrance, I’ll give them something with shea butter or almonds.

Why is gift wrapping important?

For me, the presentation is just as important as the gift itself. When one of my best friends was a young girl in Manhattan, her father was in the ribbon industry. Even though that business is long gone, we always try to outdo each other with gift wrapping. It’s just a game, and it’s really fun. Beautiful wrapping somehow makes the present itself even nicer. For gift tags, I print out a fun picture of the recipient then add a thought balloon. It’s something anyone can do on the computer rather easily. For example, if I find a picture of the person with cake all over their face, I’ll write “I love the smell of chocolate in the morning.” I never write “to” or “from” – everyone just finds their picture.

The satisfaction of finding the perfect gift

The best part of giving a gift is seeing the genuine smile on their face. People appreciate the thought and care that’s put into giving a gift that truly reflects who they are. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know I chose something they’ll really enjoy.

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