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Summer Entertaining

by Deborah Michel July 01, 2020

Summer Entertaining
I am always thrilled when summer rolls around and I can bring my entertaining outside. There’s just something special about a summer party. It’s not too fussy—everyone can just wear swimsuits and hang out by the pool and the kids can play on the grass or jump in the water. It’s fun and relaxed and everyone can enjoy the day without having to get dressed up.
What to Eat
First rule of an easy summer party? Have everyone bring something. You probably already know who’s a great cook and who makes a wonderful dessert. Assign a course (appetizer, entrée, or dessert) and let everyone pitch in. Or you can do the main course and have friends bring sides. Grill steaks or wings, or—if you don’t want to spend party time bent over a hot grill—just make ahead cold poached salmon and chilled watermelon soup. Delicious!
What to Drink
Here’s where the friends who can’t cook come in: Have them bring the liquor. It’s always nice to have an assortment of drinks, but I also like to invent a great cocktail for the occasion. For a hot summer evening, how about grapefruit juice, vodka, and a floater of champagne? And for the kids, lemonade is extra sweet muddled with strawberries or blueberries and garnished with a sprig of fresh mint from the garden. With a plan and a few simple recipes in place, you’ll be ready for the first party of summer!
Everyone should entertain, even in a little apartment. Maybe you can go up to the roof for drinks and a view of the city. Or just throw open all the windows and doors and let the summer air inside. A beautiful table set with easy-to-use melamine dishes is summer ready for indoors or out. So whether you are inside a tiny apartment or outside by the pool, you will be all set to celebrate summer days.
Honey & Clover features a timeless design, trending colors, and a delicious, sophisticated scent evoke the warmth of summer and the buzz of busy bees.  Perfect for summer entertaining, dishwasher-safe melamine bowls, plates, platters, and trays are easy indoors or out. Colorful paper napkins and placemats on the table and matching pillows on the chairs make for a lush summer look.



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