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Make Your Own Reusable Mask!

by Deborah Michel July 09, 2020

Make Your Own Reusable Mask!
In just 4 easy steps, turn one of our 100% cotton Kitchen Towels into a gorgeous, reusable, non-medical face mask*. 

Materials Needed:
Don't forget to tag us in social when you show off your new masks! We can't wait to see them!  #MDWFaceMask


Step One

Cut a 10" X 14" rectangle from your kitchen towel


DIY Face Mask Tutorial - Step 1

Step Two

Place the towel print side down and fold the top and bottom edges to meet in the middle


DIY Face Mask Tutorial - Step 2

Step Three

Fold left and right edges in about 2" each and sew, tape or glue the outer 1"


DIY Face Mask Tutorial - Step 3

Step Four

Thread ribbon or elastic through the inner 1" (non-secured) left and right ear folds to create tiers or ear loops


DIY Face Mask Tutorial - Step 4

*This is NOT a medical-grade mask and is not intended as a replacement for medical-grade personal protective equipment or other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, including social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face. This is not an FDA-approved product. This product makes no claims of antimicrobial protection, antiviral protection, particulate filtration or infection prevention or reduction.



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