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Looking Ahead

by Deborah Michel March 17, 2022

Looking Ahead

The weather at this time of year is truly unpredictable! One day, a raging storm will bring high winds and pounding rain. The next, the sun will come out, the sky will clear, and the temperature will rise. And the next? Who knows? There may be big, fluffy clouds, heavy fog, or even snow flurries. This almost random toggling between seasons can be unsettling. So I constantly remind myself to look forward to steadier, more consistent weather. I also curl up on the sofa and study my collection of gardening books and catalogs. Then I picture the buds and blooms and abundance that true spring will eventually bring.

I’m happy to report that the Michel Design Works team has created a dazzling new design that beautifully captures the lush, showy flowers that I look forward to each year. And I’m delighted to add that they’ve called it Deborah’s Garden. It features an amazing array of iris, foxgloves, chrysanthemums, sweet peas, tulips, rhododendrons, peonies, hollyhocks, and other favorites. The colors are dazzling, too! There’s a sophisticated range of purples, lavenders, and pinks set against fresh, vivid greens. And to complete the scene, there’s a delicate butterfly and an eye-catching goldfinch.

Beyond this beauty, there’s even a language-of-flowers message that can be read into the design. Purple flowers traditionally symbolize peace, harmony, respect, and honor. Lavender flowers represent serenity, grace, and devotion. And pink flowers express love, happiness, and gratitude. Put them all together, and they celebrate positive thoughts and emotions that we can aspire to ourselves and also treasure in others.

I hope Deborah’s Garden will convey those same positive thoughts and feelings to you, and that we’ll all—very soon—enjoy bountiful blooms and wonderful weather.




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