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Introducing Our New Clean Kitchen & Home

by Deborah Michel February 03, 2020

Introducing Our New Clean Kitchen & Home


I love cooking, baking, and entertaining – they are some of life's greatest pleasures. As an artist, I can always find beauty in a mess. A kitchen dusted in flour and cinnamon or speckled with bits of fresh herbs and spices never bothers me. In fact, my office is full of little slivers of paper, envelopes, pieces of ribbon, old bottle samples, and more! But, when it's time to entertain, I truly enjoy cleaning my kitchen and bathrooms until they sparkle.

To me, the scent of a freshly cleaned kitchen is just as enticing as a warm apple pie baking in the oven. And, because I place food directly onto my counters, I want to make sure that whatever I use to clean my surfaces not only smells terrific and cleans well, but is also non-toxic. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce our new Clean Kitchen & Home Collection.  

Creating the fragrances

We took great care in developing this new line because I wanted to guarantee we did it right. One of the most important parts of any Michel Design Works collection is the fragrance, and I took the time to make sure each one was perfect. And because we’re launching this collection with some of our most popular fragrances, I needed to guarantee that they delivered the same scent everyone knows and loves.

Our new products are available in five of our signature scents: Lemon Basil, Indigo Cotton, Honey Almond, Beach, and Lavender Rosemary. Plus, we're introducing a brand new fragrance for this collection called Posies. It features a light and refreshing floral aroma with a hint of spice. It's the perfect complement to our most beloved scents. 

Developing a “clean” collection 

When we first began to develop this line, I was certain that I wanted to create a collection that was non-toxic and safe for use around children and pets. Our team created a list of what we wouldn’t include: ammonia, alcohols, glycol ethers, vinegar and other ingredients that have strong odors, may be flammable, or are found on various government lists of carcinogens or mutagenic chemicals. Once we knew what we didn’t want, we focused on what we could use.

Everyone worked tirelessly to discover the safest and most effective ingredients for each product. We developed a proprietary blend of natural surfactants and gentle cleaning agents that are actually very effective. We infused them into four new products:

  • a multi-surface cleaner that can remove grease, grime, and dirt from a wide variety of water-safe surfaces,
  • handy multi-surface wipes that are sturdy and biodegradable 
  • dish soap that’s allows you to quickly and effectively clean dishes, pots, and pans,
  • and a glass cleaner that not only works perfectly on glass, but is also designed to work on tile, chrome, and mirrored surfaces. 
Securing our place in the market

Once we finally developed a line of products everyone was proud of, we conducted even more research. This time, we wanted to guarantee that our products would be as effective, if not more, than what’s currently available, and we made sure to price them competitively.  We also created a four-piece bundle that includes one of each product, all in the same fragrance, making it even easier to clean your home in your favorite scent or purchase a gift for a friend. 

After all of this research, I'm convinced that we're offering something wonderful and unique. Our Clean Kitchen & Home Collection not only features our unique blend of natural surfactants and gentle, yet effective cleaning agents, but they are paired with the luscious fragrances and artisanal designs that make Michel Design Works’ products special. Plus, our entire collection is made in the USA. I'm extremely proud of this new line, and I cannot wait for everyone to try it.

Don’t forget to try

Our Lavender of Clean Kitchen & Home features one of our most popular fragrances. The distinct scents of lavender and rosemary, with a hint of eucalyptus can now fill your home in a wonderful new way, and it makes an excellent housewarming gift. Our beautiful containers showcase the signature Lavender Rosemary design, so you can proudly leave your cleaning items out on display. This classic aroma makes cleaning enjoyable.




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