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Gardening—My Biggest Passion

by Deborah Michel April 13, 2020

Gardening—My Biggest Passion
It’s spring as I write this, and for me that can only mean one thing: gardening. By far my biggest passion, there is nothing about gardening that I don’t love. I love the fresh earth, turned and tilled and ready for planting. I love the seed packets with their photos of ripe vegetables or flowers in bloom. I love the small seedlings that I started inside and will soon move into the garden. And I love the way the gardens give and give all season long, from the first sweet peas planted in March to the last carrots dug up in the fall.
Planning the Gardens

Our family has recently moved to a new home in the country, and we are in the process of planning our new gardens. We’ll have flower beds, a main vegetable garden, and an herb garden. We also have a cold frame for growing spinach and kale in the colder months, and we will be building a greenhouse for year-round gardening. When all the gardens are established, we should have some fresh vegetables and flowers all year long. This season we set out to create a collection that embodied this vintage-farmhouse garden feel and our Country Life design was born. Country Life focuses on the details that make a garden so beautiful.

My Favorite Flowers

We love to entertain at our home, so a garden in bloom is very handy. When company is coming, I can just walk out to the garden and snip here and there to make an arrangement of fresh flowers and greens. The flower gardens will star delphiniums, my absolute favorite flowers, and I’ll grow different varieties and shades of blue. My other favorites are foxgloves and hollyhocks, the quintessential cottage-garden flowers. And there are always the long-lived perennials with showy flowers like peonies, lilacs, and hydrangeas—whatever is blooming might vie for my favorite that day!

Chelsea Flower Show

Every year in May we take off to England to attend the Chelsea Flower Show. The show started in 1913 and has grown tremendously throughout the years. It always features amazing flowers and plants, and inspiring floral-design exhibits. I highly recommend visiting if you have the opportunity. The Chelsea Flower Show is truly a classic and it never disappoints. What could be lovelier than thousands of flowers, in every variety, all in bloom, on a spring day in London? Perfect!

Don’t Forget to Try

Country Life is a vintage-inspired, modern farmhouse design that is at home in any house, from trendy to classic. It’s casual, comfortable, and as welcome as a spring breeze, with the scent of fresh cotton and hints of hyacinth, apple, and mimosa. 




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