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Classic—and Brand New!

by Deborah Michel February 09, 2022

Classic—and Brand New!

Have you ever had this experience? You leave the house—to take a vacation or even just a long walk—and when you return, you suddenly see things with fresh eyes. Maybe the living room chairs are structurally sound, but they look a bit worn. Or the kitchen layout is fine, but the wall color no longer makes you happy. Or your bed is still nice and firm, but the linens seem outdated. You feel the need to make changes, but at the same time, you want to keep things essentially the same. That has certainly happened to me, so I can share some good news. Resolving this situation doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult. You can reupholster the chairs, paint the kitchen walls, or swap out the bedspread and pillows. Change the look, and suddenly, everything will seem new.

That’s basically what happened with three of our popular collections: Earl Grey Tea, Fresh Avocado, and Pink Grapefruit. They’d all been in the Michel Design Works line-up for many years. We still loved the fragrances. We still loved the richness of the soaps and lotions. So we didn’t want to change the essence of what they offered. But we also realized that the look of these three lines hadn’t ever changed. It was time for an update!

Please welcome The Classics! All three of these collections are now graced with new art and designs. Earl Gray Tea features elegant green bergamot leaves, to honor the main ingredient in its soothing scent, and the botanical art is paired with a soft gray pattern that reflects those leaves. Fresh Avocado is now rendered in a painterly style that looks as creamy and smooth as its namesake, and it, too, is paired with a leafy pattern, but in spring green. And Pink Grapefruit is simply delicious! The vivid pink and bright orange fruit looks ripe and juicy, the striped leaves offer pops of green, and the complementary pattern is full of elegant detail.

All three Classics are featured in our Bath & Body and our Home Fragrance offerings. So you can enjoy them in many forms: foaming soaps and bar soaps, hand and body lotions, candles, room sprays, and fragrance diffusers. I think you’ll find them delightful.




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