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Bringing the Outside Inside

by Deborah Michel June 18, 2021

Bringing the Outside Inside

The weather this morning was perfect. The temperature was in the low seventies, a fresh breeze rustled through the trees, and wispy clouds played peekaboo with the sun. It all felt so joyous, like something out of a children’s book, and I found myself racing around the house, opening doors and windows to bring the outside inside. Then I sat down to enjoy the moment and to consider how I could celebrate that ahhhh feeling.

I’ve always loved using a wide range of Michel Design Works bed and bath products, home accents and accessories throughout the year. Based on the season and the holidays, I simply swap one design collection for another. So that was an obvious solution. But to my surprise, when I thought about which collection to choose, I was pulled in two very different directions.

My first thought was to go with Sweet Floral Melody, aptly named because it sings the praises of a summer garden. The fragrance is a floral bouquet touched with honey and coconut. And the design features vividly colored flowers and a kaleidoscope of butterflies. Completely charming! I could use the collection’s hand soaps, lotions, and room sprays in the bathrooms, cheer up the sofa with the accent pillows, and serve up fresh fruit salad in the bistro bowls. But then my second thought demanded attention: Should I go with Beach instead?

I grew up near the Great Lakes, and I now live a short drive from Long Island Sound, so beaches have a special place in my heart. To me, there’s nothing like walking along a lake or seashore on a fresh, sparkling day like today—before the temperatures rise and the beach fills up with visitors. Our Beach collection might not be an obvious choice if you don’t live near the shore. But I think anyone can relate to the Zen-like serenity and cool, calming colors of the design and to the unique sweet tart scent of the bath and body offerings. That’s why I love placing Beach products throughout the house.

So which to choose? I went back and forth, back and forth—and then decided not to decide! I’d use both, one after the other, and simply flip a coin to see which came first. You can do the same with these two collections, or you can choose a different one. Whatever helps you bring the outside inside.




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